The Issues

The issues that matter to you are the ones Pete will fight for in the Senate.

Tax Reform

We don’t need more taxes! We need better management of the money we already send to Baton Rouge. We need a budget that is balanced sensibly and a government that is streamlined, not bloated.



The best way to create jobs isn’t to regulate businesses to death, but to create an environment of fair taxation for everyone, access to quality education, and public safety – the kind of culture where companies of all sizes can launch and grow, and workers have access to training and jobs they need to care for their families.



Louisiana’s standards have risen and student performance is improving, but we can’t ever stop striving to improve, giving the teachers the tools they need to excel, and creating a learning environment for children that helps them thrive.



We don’t need statistics. Almost every newscast and every front-page headline tells us how bad the crime problem is in Louisiana. We need to support law enforcement at all levels and help create a dynamic overhaul of communities that empowers parents, promotes safety, and gives police officers and deputies the tools they need to keep us safe.



The implementation of Obamacare has created an unstable environment for healthcare providers and the patients they serve. While Congress tinkers with the law in Washington, we need to make smart decisions here to ensure a healthy populace and a healthy economy, with access to care for patients and fair compensation for nurses, doctors, and other trained caregivers.



Coastal restoration and continued recovery from the BP oil disaster remain priorities for our state. Federal and state dollars are already allocated, but they have to be spent quickly, efficiently and wisely. It’s about more than just beautiful marshes; it’s about hurricane protection, the seafood industry, and our overall quality of life.

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