The issues that matter to you are the ones Pete will fight for in the Senate.

What has Pete Schneider accomplished as your Representative?

Pete Schneider has written and passed some of America’s toughest crime laws.

“Missing Angels” Law

When a mother has a child that is born dead, she can now have closure because she will be able to receive a birth certificate for that child.

The “Scarlet Letter” Law

This law was the first of its kind in our country. Many states and the Federal government have utilized it as an example. This law mandates that child molesters, upon leaving prison, must notify the public of who they are, where they live, and what crime they committed.

Insurance Reform

Requires certain out-of-state vehicles to be covered by liability insurance.

The TOPS Program

Coauthored a program which makes higher education available to hardworking Louisiana students.

Anti-Carjacking Law

This law allows you to defend yourself with lethal force when someone is trying to break into your car while you are in it.

Government Reform

Reduced seven assessors to a single assessor in Orleans Parish.

2nd Amendment Rights

Prohibits the seizure and confiscation of weapons during times of emergency or disaster, such as hurricanes.

Property Rights

This law prohibits the expropriation and transfer of your property to a private person or entity for economic development purposes.

The state-wide DNA database

This law enables law enforcement officials to track sex offenders and convicted felons, making it easier to convict those people who wish to do harm to us.

The Anti-Spyware Law

Prohibits the transmission of spyware, adware, or other forms of malware onto computers and authorizes the Louisiana State Attorney General’s to prosecute.

"Pain Management Clinic Drug Abuse and Overdose Prevention Act"

Which makes it illegal for physicians to write fraudulent prescriptions to help patients obtain controlled substance.

“Terror-Free Index Fund”

Another groundbreaking law that was the first of its kind that helps to protect our national security interests. It is a type of investment program that limits the state funded retirement programs from investing in companies that have facilities and people in terrorist sponsoring nations.

TOPS Bills/Laws

• 2001 – HB389 / ACT 1042
• 2004 – HB487 / ACT 507
• 2005 – HB142 / ACT 64
• 2005 – HB143 / ACT 65
• 1999 – HB413 / ACT 438